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1. Passenger Rights

If a passenger is denied boarding on an Air Taxi flight or if an Air Taxi flight is delayed/cancelled, passenger may ask Air Taxi staff at the airport to provide a written statement of rights, particularly with regards to compensation & assistance.

2. Passenger Responsible for Fines/Penalty/Costs

If Air Taxi is required to pay any fine/penalty/costs because of the passenger’s failure to comply with the required law & order by the Government or due to unavailability of necessary travel documents then, the passenger is liable to bear the whole cost. The passenger in such case shall on demand, reimburse to Air Taxi for the fine borne due to the passenger’s negligence. For such re-imbursement, Air Taxi may also apply the value of any unutilised booking, or any of the passenger’s funds in Air Taxi’s possession.

3. Extra Ordinary Circumstances

Air Taxi would not be liable to pay any compensation in respect of cancellations/delays clearly attributable to causes that are beyond the control of the airline. The following is a list (illustrative, not exhaustive) of circumstances beyond the control of airline:
Weather, acts of nature,  Air Traffic Control (ATC), bird strike, technical/mechanical failures, shortages of critical manpower, parts or materials, operating crew unable to reach due to congestion on roads, acts of terrorism, bandhs/strikes, riots, national security risks, governmental regulations or requirements, security congestion at airport terminals, delays in departure due to offloading/Gate No Shows, consequential delay due to late arrival of the incoming aircraft due to congestion, force majeure etc.

4. Security Requirements

The passenger is required to submit to any security check at any point of time during travel. If required, the passenger shall have to undergo physical check/computerised scanning of the contents of the possessed baggage/himself by airport security/customs/other government officials/Air Taxi staff. The passenger shall be solely responsible for complying with all governmental regulatory requirements at the origin & the destination station, with these Terms & Conditions & Air Taxi staff instructions. Air Taxi advices all passengers to compulsorily retain the boarding pass in their possession until exiting the arrival terminal for security reasons.

Air Taxi reserves the right to refuse carriage of any passenger who has not complied with the above mentioned requirements.
Air Taxi shall not be responsible if passenger faces any consequences due to unavailability of required documents for complying with any regulatory requirements.
Air Taxi is not liable to any loss/damage passenger encounters during the security check or any inconvenience faced due to its non-compliance.

5. Governing Laws/Dispute Settlement

Air Taxi Terms & Conditions shall be construed by, & governed in accordance with the laws of India.
The Courts of Delhi, India shall have exclusive & sole jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim/differences arising out of, or in connection with these Terms & Conditions.

6. Amendments
Air Taxi reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions of Carriage, at any time, without any prior notice or liability.