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Air Taxi is a distinguished aviation company that offers top-quality short-distance flights, bridging the gap between commercial airlines and private jets. With an established reputation for reliability, safety, and affordability, Air Taxi provides personalized luxury service that are accessible to everyone. The company has made private aviation a possibility for anyone through state of the art modern airplanes. Our mission is to revolutionize air travel globally by maintaining the highest standards of safety, reliability, efficiency, and outstanding customer service. As a major bidder in UDAN RCS, Air Taxi has been awarded over 32 RCS routes across India, cementing its position as a leader in the industry.

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A Mechanical Engineer, Pilot and an Entrepreneur, Varun has very deep rooted interest in aviation and it spawns over all verticals. He never minds getting his hands dirty with engines or taking up challenging flights. He served as a co-pilot in erstwhile Air Deccan and Kingfisher airline on the ATR fleet from 2007 till 2010, and left the cockpit to pursue his dreams in aviation business. He is responsible for discovering and bringing Tecnam Aircraft brand to India and changing the dynamics of profitability in flight schools. Tecnam today is the number one choice of flight schools in India. Air Taxi was the brain child of Capt. Varun Suhag, who felt the need for such a service which would give entirely a different travel experience, avoiding the long queues, waiting time at the airport and offering a personalized service. He is also a state level basketball player, enjoys all sports, especially adventure sports. He is a keen paraglider and paramotor pilot and a motorcycling enthusiast. He is also a Certified Rotax& CONTINENTAL Engine Maintenance and Service Technician.

Capt. Poonam Gaur

Capt. Poonam Gaur is a B.Com graduate from Delhi University and has over 15 years of experience in the Indian & International Aviation industry. She started her career with M/s Jagson Air in 2004 and then went on to work with Air Deccan and Indigo Airlines as a check cabin Crew. She is a certified Commercial Pilot from the USA and got her FAA Commercial Pilot Licence in 2009 and her Indian CPL the same year. In the following years, she worked with  Sanjay Kakade Group as a Flight Operations Head, followed by working with a Dubai based Aviation Consulting company Martin Consulting LLC as a Senior Associate Flight Performance & Airline Operations. There she had the opportunity to develop and lead the Fuel Burn and Cost Optimization Study for TAROM Romanian Air Transport in Bucharest, Romania. She developed critical flight operations processes for TAROM Romanian Air Transport and Airport Operations Standard Operating Procedures for TAROM Romanian Air Transport. She also audited domestic Non-Schedule Operator Air One Charter for Operational and Financial Review. She is also a Certified Rotax Engine Maintenance and Service Technician. In 2014 she joined ACIDPL as a shareholder and director, bringing her vast knowledge and experience to the company.

Air Taxi T7-PVA

Modern and Diverse Fleet

We use the Tecnam P2010 & P2006T in our fleet.

The Tecnam P2010TDI is a high-wing, four-seater aircraft that is ideal for personal and business travel. It is equipped with a continental engine and has a range of up to 1,200 Nautical Miles with 7 hours (Approx.) endurance.

The Tecnam P2006T, is a twin-engine, four-seater aircraft that is suitable for short-haul flights. It has a maximum range of 650 Nautical Miles With 5 Hours (Approx.) endurance and is often used for Air Taxi operations.


Air Taxi in India is being promoted under the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) of the Government of India. The RCS, also known as UDAN (Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik), is a scheme that aims to enhance regional connectivity by making air travel affordable and accessible to the common man.

Under the RCS, air taxi services are being promoted to provide last-mile connectivity to remote and under-served areas of the country. Air taxis are small aircraft that can carry a limited number of passengers and can operate from smaller airports and airstrips, providing better air connectivity to remote areas.

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